2019 USX Alaska Icefields Expedition

 The USX Alaska Icefields Research Expedition is a backcountry ski expedition exploring the remote reaches of the Juneau Icefield in the Northern Coastal Mountains of Alaska from 29 April-7 May 2019.  We’ll be embarking on a multi-day ski-tour and conduct scientific research to further knowledge about the sensitive glacial and snow-filled environment. This research effort will utilize citizen science to study weather and snowpack in order to contribute to a better understanding of our changing climate. The Expedition team will be composed of veterans and scientific advisers who will work together to conduct research, develop findings, and deliver meaningful conclusions.

To apply to be part of this expedition, you must be a U.S. military service member or veteran with experience in backcountry skiing, climbing, or similar activities and fill out the form below (Deadline is March 01, 2019):

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